If you spend a lot of time on your smartphone watching TikTok videos, you will now be able to do so on a bigger screen. TikTok TV is now available in the US and Canada on Google TV and Android TV OS devices and other smart TVs from Samsung and LG. It was previously only available on Amazon Fire TV but now it’s expanding its video horizons so to speak. This is a new way for people to experience the app that was originally created for mobile-first.

The massively popular app is meant to be watched on mobile but for those who want to bond with family members or friends by watching in on their TV screens, TikTok TV is the way to go. It is optimized for a “TV home-viewing experience” rather than the “little bursts of joy” that you get from watching it on your phone. It will still seem weird at first since the orientation of videos are vertical and now you get a horizontal screen filled in for TV viewing.

The TV app will give you content from the “For You” and “Following” feeds from your mobile account. The former is recommended content based on what you’ve been watching while the latter shows videos from the accounts that you follow. They also include most liked and viewed videos across various categories like gaming, comedy, food, etc. The Discover page will show you more content, creators, and categories that you have yet to, well, discover.

TikTok recently surpassed 1 billion active monthly users and has reportedly overtaken YouTube in terms of average watch time in the U.S. We don’t really know if there’s a clamor to have a big screen version of the app but in case you’re thinking of having a TikTok viewing party for the upcoming holidays, now you can. The TV app has been available in the U.K for Samsung TVs and Fire TVs so now users in North America can enjoy this too.

You can get the TikTok TV app for your Google TV or Android TV, as well as your Samsung TV and LG TV from the Play Store. For now, it’s limited to the U.S and Canada and no news yet if they’ll be expanding to other territories eventually.