There are a lot of original content on Tiktok but there are also a lot of content that is built on other content from the platform. In fact, one of the most popular features used is the Duet feature where one can use another Tiktok video to be part of the one you’re creating. Now they are creating a new tool that combines the Duet feature with another popular one, the Green Screen. Users will now be able to use the Green Screen Duet tool which lets you use another Tiktok video as the background for the video you’re creating.

If you use the Duet tool before, you know that there are different layouts you can choose from when adding another video to the one you’re creating: Left & Right, React, and Top & Bottom. Now you’ll be able to see a new layout: Green Screen. Choosing this means you’ll be able to choose another video from TikTok to use as the background in the video that you’re shooting. The creator of the background or duetted video is credited in the caption of the new video and it also links to the original video.

To use this new feature, you have to Duet the video that you want to use and then choose Green Screen in the layout options. The video will now play in the background as you shoot a new video. This is a useful tool for those who want to do reaction videos as it is more visually cohesive than just using the original Duet layouts with the videos tiled to each other or even the Stitches tool where a clip of the original video plays before you come in with your reaction.

Tiktok needs to keep adding tools like this as its clones and competitors are becoming more Tiktok-like in their bid to become the next short-form video streaming giant. Instagram’s Reels added a remix feature that is similar to Duets. Snap’s Spotlight now has 100 million users just two months after it launched. YouTube has also recently announced that they will be rewarding creators on their Shorts with monetization.

Tiktok’s Green Screen Duet is now available on their mobile app. They shared several examples of how creators are using this and it looks like even more sensory overload for oldies who are watching on the platform.