Yes guys, Tidal is still hear and fighting, providing an alternative music streaming service to those who don’t like Spotify or Pandora, etc. They prefer to call themselves a “global music and entertainment platform” and now they are expanding their reach to other devices and platforms. For those who have Amazon Fire TV devices, you now get a native app from the Jay-Z-and-friends-owned service. And for those who use Android Auto on their cars, you also now get Tidal support.

On the home screen of your Amazon Fire TV Tidal, you will now be able to see the latest content such as curated video playlists, concerts, livestreams, music videos, albums, podcasts and other audio and visual content. You also get a My Collection screen where you can save all your favorite content. Currently, the service has over 50 million songs on its database and in addition to that, you get other original content, which is probably what they’re pushing to make them stand out from among the competition.

If you’re an Android Auto user, you will now also be able to access Tidal to stream your favorite music while driving or even while you’re a passenger in your loved one’s car. You will be able to play your playlist or podcasts right from your car’s dashboard as you access your own collection. Or if you want to look for new music, go to the Explore section where you get access to new albums and tracks and curated genre playlists as well.

You can also access Tidal through your Android TV or control it directly from your Sonos speaker or just listen to it the old-fashioned way, through your smartphone.