Tidal is probably not as popular as other music streaming apps like Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, etc, but it does boast of something, aside from one of its owners being Jay-Z. They are the first music streaming service with High Fidelity audio or music in an uncompressed format. And if you’re an audiophile, that’s probably the selling point of this app. The latest update allows you to control from your app a speaker brand that also has high-quality: Sonos.

The Sonos speakers actually have an app already where you have speaker controls. But if you’re a Tidal user, previously you had to go back and forth between the two apps to control things like volume, playback, etc. Now when you update the Tidal app, you’ll be able to do all that from there, so no more switching in between apps.

Sonos recently launched its own smart speaker, the Sonos One, with Amazon Alexa baked in. If you make Tidal your default music streaming service, then you don’t even have to open the Tidal app to control it since Alexa can get the job done. But if you’re using an ordinary Sonos Bluetooth speaker, then having everything over on the Tidal app is pretty useful.

If you’re a Tidal subscriber already, just update the app to the latest version and check out its Sonos integration. But if you still want to try it out first, they have a 30 day free trial for both the Tidal Premium (standard sound quality) and the Tidal HiFi, with the aforementioned High Fidelity quality.

VIA: SlashGear