TickTock 5G Dual-Screen Rugged Smartphone

Last month, we told you about the TickTock 5G Dual-Screen Rugged Phone. The concept device was sighted on Kickstarter as another rugged smartphone offering. Unihertz isn’t new to this game. The company has already released several rugged devices in the past on the crowdfunding site. There’s the Jelly 2 as the smallest 4G Android 10 smartphone in the world and the Atom as the smallest and most rugged 4G smartphone for your outdoor needs. The original Jelly was one called the ‘World’s Smallest 4G Smartphone’ on Kickstarter. Fast forward to a few years later, here is the TickTock 5G Dual-Screen Rugged Smartphone ready to make waves again.

The 5G rugged smartphone has reached over its fund goal on Kickstarter. Goal is only around $12,000 but pledge has already hit over $152,000. This means a lot of people has ordered for the 5G rugged phone even if deadline is still 29 days away.

The new model boasts a dual-screen design, 5G connectivity, and a 6000mAh battery with 30W charging. There is a 1.3-inch sub-screen on the rear. The phone is also IP68 water-resistant and comes with a programmable key.

The phone promises a 500% internet speed increase with 5G network. The sub-screen is highly customizable which means you can show different images on the back.

Feel free to check notifications and messages and handle other small tasks conveniently with the sub-screen. It also lets you take a selfie image with the 48MP rear camera. Other special features of the phone include a built-in moisture detection, next-gen heat dissipation, and shortcut key customization.

The TickTock Unihertz phone features an infrared port that lets you turn on the AC, TV, and other devices you normally can control with a remote. You can also take advantage of the built-in precise navigation on TickTock, NFC, and fingerprint unlock.


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