So you say you’re pretty pumped up about the new ThunderBolt just announced at CES 2011, the one that’s freaking awesome, the one that had a new RUU leaked just today? Wait wait, take a peek at that first, right over here: 1.05.605.0 and PG05IMG. Next take a peek at our ThunderBolt Hands-On post over at SlashGear. Then get so excited that you freak out because the system inside’s getting ported to the EVO as we speak.

This is right the heck now, just a few minutes ago, XDA Forum Member Calkulin announced that he was not only working on a ThunderBolt port for the EVO, he’s got it working already. Running, at least. Now he’s requested, sort of, help to make it work. Take a peek at the pics above and below in the gallery he’s already shot, then head over to the thread started by Calkulin to chip in!

[Via XDA]