We’re a couple of weeks away from the official announcement of the new Samsung flagship but now we have three official videos from their Korea YouTube channel that may hint at three features for the Galaxy S9. Well, we expect that it will be called that since all three videos seem to be flashing the number 9. Based on the videos too we can expect the smartphone to have slo-mo video features, low light photo options, and maybe even animojis to make your conversations more fun.

The first video shows off some footage of high adrenaline activities like skateboarding on a highway, riding a rollercoaster, etc. But towards the end you get the hang gliding footage slowed down. This may mean a special slo-mo feature for the Galaxy S9 although previous devices already have the slow motion effect. This may mean a slight upgrade to this feature. The next video show dark footage of a scene where two girls are walking into the woods at night. At the end, we see a deer and a flash. This may indicate the device’s low-light photo-taking capability.

The last video sees a guy reacting to the various things around him, laughing, crying, shouting, etc. In the end, his face becomes a 3D emoji, which may hint at Animojis coming to the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. They are animated emojis, currently available on the iPhone X but we won’t be surprised if some version of it ends up in the new flagships.

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are expected to be announced at the Samsung event this February 25, right before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.