The PlayStation Certified train continues to roll on, but it seems that HTC is the only other company interested in a ride. Aside from a number of Sony devices, only HTC handsets have been PlayStation Certified, and today nothing is changing – we’re only getting word of three additional HTC devices that have been given PlayStation Certification. According to AndroidGuys, the HTC One X+, One S, and One V have all become PlayStation Certified.

This brings the PlayStation Certified HTC devices up to six, including the original One X, the One XL, and the EVO 4G LTE. What does this mean, exactly? It means that these devices have all been certified to access Sony’s PlayStation Mobile store, which offers a number of games for Android devices.

The pickings are still rather slim, but keep in mind that the PlayStation Mobile store is only a couple of months old. The PlayStation Mobile store will likely be padding out a bit in the months to come, so there’s plenty to look forward to. Just the same, we expect the list of PlayStation Certified devices to grow as time goes on too.

So, if you own one of the HTC devices mentioned above, you should be able to access the PlayStation Mobile store shortly. Not all titles will be compatible with all of these devices at first, but Sony promises that compatibility is coming soon. Keep it tuned here to Android Community for more news on the PlayStation Mobile store!