If you’re anything like me, it doesn’t matter if you just met a person, it may be difficult for you to remember who they are only a few days after you first meet. I’ve always put the person’s name in my phone contacts list along with a word or two to help me remember where I know them from and what they might be wanting when they call. That can be a bit tedious though and Android users can now get a new application called Thread that aims to be the ultimate caller ID.

The application replaces your existing caller ID with a custom screen that shows you who’s calling and gives you information on the person from their Twitter and Facebook posts. The custom screen also shows you your most recent text messages and e-mails with that person. That’s certainly better than simply entering a word or two to help remind you who the person is and what the call might be about.

Bradlee Benn is the managing partner for company called Sprezzat, which is the parent company for Thread. Benn says that this incoming call screen is “completely untapped mobile real estate.” The app sounds like a unique idea. I only hope it doesn’t lead to ads being shown on the incoming call screen at some point in the future.

The application is available for download now for the Android platform, but it is in beta. The developers say that a version of the application for Apple devices is coming soon and the app will gain support for more social networks. Social networks on the list for future support include LinkedIn, Instagram, and Evernote.

[via Mashable]