We all love widgets and today I’ve got an awesome app that just landed in the Google Play Store yesterday called Thousand Clocks Gallery. What this gives you access to is literally over a thousand different clock, calendar, weather, and even battery widgets for Android. If Beautiful Widgets is getting old, or you’d like to try something new and fresh this would be a good start.

Thousand Clocks Gallery is actually an app made that uses the huge collection of community and developer built widgets from the site makeyourclock.com and to help get more of the work into the public they’ve released this completely free widget app for Android. It works on both phones and tablets, and gives you tons of options to completely customize your device.

Looking through the massive selection of widgets they appear to have some pretty awesome choices. Obviously being built by the community some are of lower quality but for the most part these are excellent widgets that are complete and detailed. You can make your own from the site listed above but if you’d just like to enjoy any of the thousands of widgets hit the link below and give it a try today.

Thousand Clocks Gallery Link