If you’ve read an Android Community hands-on or review post in the last year or so, you’ve probably seen our adorable Android vinyl figures dotting the mobile landscape. We’re big fans. So is toy design factory Dead Zebra, home of Andrew Bell, who’s produced Google’s plastic mascots ever since the original green model came out. They’ve gotten into the holiday spirit with a special Toy Soldier model in a limited edition.

The Toy Soldier figure isn’t just a repainted version of the original figurine, it’s got a fairly unique feature: a wind-up key sticking out of his back, just like a real toy soldier. You can even turn it to “wind up” the Android, or remove it from the plastic body. Artistically it’s a pretty neat interpretation; check out the way that the Android’s eyes make up the buckles on the soldier’s hat!

This is a limited edition figure, and it will only be available on Wednesday, December 14th. The first batch goes on sale in the Dead Zebra Shop at 11 AM Eastern Standard Time, with the second batch hitting the store just twelve hours later at 11 PM. there’s no price at the moment, and orders are limited to just two per address – and yes, they should arrive in time to stuff stockings.