Suunto 5 Peak GPS sport watch

We haven’t featured any Suunto watch lately. The last mention was when the Suunto 7 and Suunto 9 sports watches got a titanium face and new features back in March. A new one is ready: the Suunto 5 Peak GPS sport watch. The company has described this as “lighter, sleeker, and longer lasting”. The Suunto 5 Peak is the company’s lightwest smartwatch offering ever. It will make a further impression with up to 100 hours of battery life. It’s one affordable watch that boasts outdoor navigation feature and sport music controls.

This model follows the Suunto 9 Peak. The Suunto 5 Peak GPS sport watch is mainly for those who love getting fit outdoors. It’s very light, durable, and compact —letting you achieve your fitness goals.

Mainly, this one is based on the Suunto 5 model but it is lighter by 41%. It’s also sleeker because there is no more GPS nose. The handy music controls are present, completing the brand’s new design language.

The Suunto 5 Peak comes with inter-changeable accessory straps. It’s priced at $329 (299€) so it’s affordable for a fitness smartwatch with such form, function, and features. It’s now available for pre-order and will ship by February 1, 2022 in key markets.

Suunto President Heikki Norta has this to say about the watch: “There’s no doubt in my mind that the Suunto 5 Peak is going to perform strongly given its ultra-light weight and sleek design, rich functionality, combined with its accessible price point. That’s what we set out to achieve when we sat down to design this watch and I believe consumers will agree we haven’t come up short. With this watch they are ready for their next adventure.”

Suunto 5 Peak comes with GPS navigation features and can be ideal for trail running, cycling, walking, running, and hiking. This works with the Suunto app and offers heat 3D maps, different partner services, three battery modes, 80+ sport modes , plan routes, Wrist-based heartrate, and a new Burner feature.


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