With Summer coming up in just a few short months, start gearing up for your international vacationing now with a lifetime subscription to uTalk Language Education. It’s available right now for as little as $19.99. With uTalk, you can learn real world vocabulary and syntax for some of the planet’s most widely-spoken languages from your favorite Android device. These courses utilize native speakers and incorporate innovative learning techniques that’ll have you quickly picking up basic words and phrases in your chosen tongue.

As your skills improve, uTalk monitors your progress, but you’re never rushed. The uTalk method allows you to learn at your speed so you can learn better and use your time most effectively.

Whether you want to learn Afrikkans, Zulu or any language in between, uTalk’s roster of 130 languages will get you on your way. And their learning plans are crafted to fit your ambitions. You’ll get all the instruction and materials you’ll need to master one language for only $19.99. Or you can expand your learning (and your savings) with six language ($29.99), 12 language ($49.99) and even 22 language learning packages ($99.99).

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