Keep your Android devices charged — and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time — with the Universal Waterproof Solar Charger. Perfect for anyone that spends time off grid, this portable device charger holds a massive 5000mAh of environmentally friendly power that can be used to charge wide range of mobile devices. Android Community Deals normally sells this $50 charger for the discounted price of $13.99 but, if you purchase right now, you’ll save an extra $3 and get it for just $10.99.

Simply lay the Universal Waterproof Solar Charger in sunlight and collect power that can be used any time. It’s durable and lightweight so it’s easy to take with you anywhere, it features two USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at once, and it’s water resistant so you’ll be able to use it all kinds of weather. Get one today in your choice of four stylish colors.

Keep your gadgets and even this power bank charged anywhere with the Universal Waterproof Solar Charger, only $10.99 here at Android Community Deals.


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