One of the most important features of any app is, of course, its user interface. The user interface is what the end user interacts with instead of dealing with all of the complicated code a developer has put together, so it needs to be optimal. Let’s face it, creating one can be a daunting task. However, this task is made easy by the UI Stencils Android Stencil Kit.

The stainless steel stencil includes all of the basic Android UI elements set to 150% scale. With the stencil kit not only will your original concept drawings look professional, they will give you a better, more refined, idea on how your end product will look.

The Android Stencil Kit is available from UI Stencil’s website for $24.95 and includes the stainless steel stencil, a Zebra mechanical pencil, and 2 UI Stencil stickers.