The outlook at HTC was very bleak earlier this year as demand for its smartphones continued to decline in the face of increasing competition from Samsung and other Android smartphone makers. However, HTC bet big on its new smartphone called the HTC One. In fact, HTC was so confident in its new smartphone that it promised a turnaround for Q2 of 2013 once the device gained traction.

Early indications and that HTC is in fact gaining traction thanks to the popularity of its One smartphone. HTC recently reported that revenue for April 2013 was up by 23% unaudited compared to March. The numbers HTC is throwing around for April 2013 are $664 million in revenue.

Despite popularity for the HTC One, the smartphone maker is still operating in rough waters. In March of 2013, HTC was down 48.57% compared to the previous year. Even though HTC improved in April 2013, the numbers are still 36.87% lower than the same month last year.

Despite still treading murky waters, HTC is still betting big on the One as rolls out to broader availability over the coming months. If demand stays strong, the One could help HTC return back to significant profitability.

[via SlashGear]