For what seems like the millionth time, this year alone, I’ve seen someone post an “I lost my phone” status update on Facebook. Clearly the millionth time reference is an exaggeration, but seriously, how can you lose your phone these days. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about a cheap flip phone from back in the day, but modern Android (and iOS) smartphones.

Here is a hint — these devices have built in tracking. That sort of makes it impossible to lose. But having said that, we also realize that not everyone is quite as geeky, and often do nothing to their shiny new smartphones aside from figure out how to transfer their contacts so they can make calls and send text messages. So here is the deal, we here at Android Community are assigning some homework. Or as homework sort of sucks, how about we think of this as a game.

We could simply tell you to share this post with everyone you know, but that would make it seem like we’re simply going after the hits. We really just want people to stop losing their phones. After all, they are expensive to buy, and even more expensive to replace. So here is the deal, everyone reading this needs to set up the Android Device Manager (ADM) for their friends and family members. And also make sure they know how to use it (so they don’t call you when they lose their phone).

Yes, we are intentionally staying away from the privacy argument here.

As for the game aspect, how about we give it a point system. You get 1 point every time you set up the ADM for someone else (after making sure you have it done on your personal devices). You then lose 5 points every time someone you know actually loses their phone. And keep in mind, this isn’t misplacing and finding, but full on losing to the point they have to replace it. See if you can come out ahead.

Lastly, just in case you need some help to get started — first, make note of the Android Device Manager website located here, and also the Android Device Manager app found in the Play Store. After that, grab your phone, tablet or other Android device and head into the settings. Once in the settings go to Security -> Device administrators and make sure the box next to Android Device Manager is checked. That will allow you to not only track that lost device, but also ring the device, lock the screen and erase the device.