Expect virtual reality to expand this year. What with companies and manufacturers going to try and enter the VR market, we’re excited to see new products and experience more virtual realm out there. Apps and devices may still be limited but with virtual reality, the possibilities and activities are endless. We’ve only seen and tried a few VR games but this year, we can expect new stuff to be unveiled.

Let’s start 2016 with this new experience app from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The Walk VR is a new app that lets you experience high-wire walking. The French high-wire artist Philippe Petit is known for his walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Obviously, we may no longer experience that because of a tragedy but at least in virtual reality, you can walk on a high-wire and up 94 stories.

If you have a pair of Google Cardboard or the Merge VR Googles, feel free to download the app and view 1974 New York from above right on your smartphone.

This particular virtual app got us imagining other places you can experience on VR–the outer space, on top of famous mountains, and on some of the popular tourist spots, or maybe skydiving or free flying? We’re just imagining but we have a feeling the virtual high-wire walk will make you dizzy. The 360 Video feature will also make this particular walk an experience of a lifetime. Who needs to go out there when have your VR viewer? (Umm,  the real adventurous ones!)

Note that this VR app was developed as part of promotions for the movie THE WALK. You can get a copy of the flick bundled with a pair of Merge VR Goggles.

Download The Walk VR from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment