Ok, so that kind of marketing is a wee bit disingenuous. With the new TAP wearable, it’s actually not the surface that you’re tapping on that matters, it’s the movement of your fingers. Be that as it may, the developers of this new input method/alternate keyboard want it to feel natural, this is why they ask you to tap on surfaces to input words into your smart device.


The TAP Strap, as it is being called, is an input device that you can sync to your smartphone to use as a one-handed keyboard of sorts. The wearable is made of a sort of “smart-textile” which slides on over your fingers and recognizes your movements, and as you begin tapping your fingers on any surface, words are transmitted over Bluetooth to your device.

So the way you use it is that, each finger is a vowel, and combinations of fingers will give you other letters and symbols. So it’s not the natural typing process as you know it, and TAP will include a training app to teach you how to use the device better.


But as with any input device, it’s the learning curve and the ease-of-use that will ultimately matter. Time will tell if people will find this natural, or if TAP is still another bridge device to finally getting the perfect input process to our smartphones and tablets. Would you want one?