The latest update that Google pushed out (RC30) is suppose to fix the browser hijacker security flaw that was originally reported in Android software. Well it appears that Google is going back to the drawing board because our users have been hijacked!

Our users are reporting an attack when they try to visit their Yahoo home page. Instead of going to their homepage it redirects them to the antivirus download page for whatever reason. While we are unsure what is causing this, it appears it just started happening yesterday. There is no threat to any information in the applications other than the web browser.

Google limits the browser so that no hijackers can gain access to personal information in other applications such as BioWallet. Google has not made any comments on this issue thus far. There is development on antivirus applications for Google’s Android and the G1 going on right now.  How many of our members are experiencing similar problems?  Will anyone be purchasing antivirus software for their G1 now to gain some peace of mind?