We all know about how people go through amazing lengths – and body positions you thought were impossible to do – just to get that perfect angle for their selfie. If you’re hardcore in taking selfies, then the SELFLY might be something you need to have. Imagine a miniature drone that you can control from your smartphone – just to take that perfect selfie.

Drones are pretty common these days – but the good ones are in the professional equipment tier, heck expensive, and probably out of reach for normal people who just want to take that perfect selfie. So some ingenious developers made the SELFLY – a miniature drone that would fit in your pocket that you can whip out so that you can take the perfect selfie.

Imagine that you can just whip out a small drone with a 12MP camera that will take a full HD (1080p) picture or video whenever you need it. The drone will give you 4 minutes of fly time, just enough to take the perfect video or picture from an angle that would just not be possible by just using your hands. There’s an extra battery that double’s your fly time, or a battery pack that gives you seven more full charges.

The SELFLY miniature drone is out on Indiegogo right now for a crowdfunding campaign. You can have one for as low as USD$110. Check out the source link below for all the other details about this device.

SOURCE: Indiegogo