A ‘corporate aggregate‘ has been assembled in Japan to gather Companies. These Companies gathering for the use and promotion of Android.

The promotion is to push for Android to be embedded into devices. The corporate body (Open Embedded Software Foundation (OESF]) has been formed to foundation look set to develop the market and expand their business. The OESF currently has 23 member companies and expects about 100 more companies to join it within 2009, just a few displayed in the image above. Google said, “We give our all-out support to the aim of the OESF.”

IP Vision Inc’s Director Masataka Miura will serve as representative director of the corporate aggregate, “Open Embedded Software Foundation (OESF),” which was launched Feb 12, 2009. Miura said that “Open-source Android can significantly cut development costs of embedded devices and bring about new business opportunities for device manufacturers. However, it is hard work for a single company to port and maintain this software platform, which consists of as many as 23 million lines of source code. The OESF members can significantly improve development efficiency by sharing technical information with other member companies and conducting joint developments.

[via TechOn]