Whether you’re a fashion addict who keeps scouring the interwebs for stuff that you need to buy or want to buy someday, or you’re a fashion-impaired person who constantly needs advice from more fashion-forward people, this app will surely be of use to you. The Hunt is now finally on Android and lets you become part of a community who lives and breathes fashion, either digitally or even off-line.

Basically, what the app does is to help you out during fashion emergencies and to be part of a world where people understand you if you can’t sleep because you want to know where those cute pair of boots can be bought. You can post a picture of anything you saw on the Internet, including social networks like Instagram or Tumblr and ask the community where you can buy those, or maybe something similar to those. The very helpful people who are also using the app and the community will come to your rescue and of course, you can do the same in return for when others would need your help.

Now if you’re looking for fashion advice, you can also ask the good people over at The Hunt if you can’t seem to find the confidence to go with the outfit you’ve chosen for a special occasion. And if you just want to see what the latest trend is, you can just browse through all the posts and exchange tips and ideas with the other members. Now the app might seem just for girls (if you still believe in that fashion stereotype) but there is actually a section for men there, so guys, don’t be afraid.

So if you feel like you need fashion therapy with like-minded people, then you should download The Hunt for free from the Google Play Store. Some users reported several glitches and crashes from the app, but their latest update says that those have already been fixed.