Search YouTube, or Google for that matter and you will find more Harlem Shake videos that anyone needs to see. Well, it now seems like we have the one extra, this one done on the Google campus and dubbed the Google Office Edition. Basically, what we have is a bunch of Google employees dancing around the Android characters.

What can we say, while neat to see Google getting in on the fun, we may be ready for the next meme to kick off. Not to make this about Google catching on late and everyone being bored with this Harlem Shake meme or anything, but we suspect it would have been that much more interesting had Google been able to get those statues in on the dancing action.

Alternatively, if you are really into this, you can also check out the Facebook edition or even the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon version. Regardless of which you choose to watch, or how many you choose to watch, you will likely fall sick of hearing that music sooner rather than later. I know I did.

I spent a few minutes writing this post and ended up getting drawn into the never ending loops of Harlem Shake videos. With that, the Google edition is just 30 seconds in length and can be seen above. For those like myself who had managed to avoid this meme for a good while, you may want to keep resisting.