We know that one of the hottest Android phones in the planet; the DROID by Motorola, has been rooted. And now we get word that another hot Android handset is rooted, the funny thing, is that this handset is not even officially released.

We all know this is something that will happen sooner or later to most phones, but rooting an unreleased handset is a little out of the ordinary. The most important thing about this, you really don’t have to deal with too many steps or some difficult method to get it done. All you have to do is; flash the boot image using the instructions below and that’s it.

How to use Superboot – Windows, Linux and OSX

– Download the Superboot zip file above and extract to a directory
– Put your device in bootloader mode – turn if off, remove battery, plug in USB cable, when battery icon appears onscreen, replace battery then tap the powerbutton while holding the Camera key
– WINDOWS – double click ‘install-superboot-windows.bat’
– MAC – Open a terminal window to the directory containing the files, and type ‘chmod +x install-superboot-mac.sh’ followed by ‘./install-superboot-mac.sh’
– LINUX – Open a terminal window to the directory containing the files, and type ‘chmod +x install-superboot-linux.sh’ followed by ‘./install-superboot-linux.sh’

Always remember that you do things like this at your own risk, so if you don’t feel comfortable doing it, don’t do it! Also, you have to download Superboot first, but don’t worry, Vincent has a thread in our forums where you can do that, or you can also click here.

[Via Our Forums and SlashGear]