If you were looking at the gorgeous lines and curves of Samsung’s newest flagship – the Samsung Galaxy S8 – you would be forgiven if you though that because of this sleek new aesthetic and design, there wouldn’t be a ruggedActive” variant this year. It would be a shame to have to modify that gorgeous S8 shape, but it looks like it will be happening.

The people over at Sam Mobile say that there will be a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active – as there has been for the past years and flagships. The variant will carry the model number M-G892A, and is codenamed Cruiser. The codename probably alludes to something quite large and powerful, so it is logical to think that the S8 Active will carry some heft and power with it.

Samsung usually launches its Active variant in June, and all evidences seem to point to the same exclusive partnership with US mobile carrier AT&T. People are hoping that this exclusivity might be broken at some point, but it looks like it won’t be this year.

You would also hope that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active would get Gear VR support, because it would be a total waste of all that internal hardware if it didn’t. We’ll have to wait for the official announcement, but we all know this is coming.

SOURCE: SamMobile