Star Wars Episode VII is still more than a year away and yet anticipation for this movie is already mile high. Official tech merchandise is also very much in demand (did it ever really go away, to be honest?) and after they brought us the Star Wars USB stick Mimobots and Star Wars microUSB converters, Boston-based Mimoco has now come up with even more Star Wars themed devices that are much needed by heavy mobile gadget users: power banks or mobile batteries.

These R2D2 and Darth Vader babies aren’t just adorable; they pack 5200mAh of power, which means your gadgets can have three extra lifelines when you’re on the go and constantly using your smartphone or tablet. It also comes with a USB charging cable that has different converter tips, including Apple 30-pin and Lightning, mini-USB, converter for Nokia devices and of course the microUSB which can be used for most Andropid devices. The charger has a life cycle of 500 charges and usually needs 3-4 hours to fully power up the battery. There’s also a fast-charger with 2.1AMP, but how long your gadgets get fully charged depends on the kind of phone or tablet.

The company started crowd funding in Kickstarter earlier this year, and unsurprisingly, they were able to reach their target fast. Lest you think this is a company that is just using Star Wars images, they are directly working with Lucasfilm for the official licenses of these products. They are planning to add even more characters in an expanded collection in time for Christmas.


You can now pre-order these mobile batteries starting this week,and you even get $10 off the initial MSRP of $69.99 if you are one of the first few to place their orders. Since it’s still in pre-ordering mode, the credit card will only be charged once the product is already shipped.


VIA: Slashgear