We’ve been waiting for a bit now to see when Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone will start hitting the market, and we just got our confirmation. Essential has been emailing their contacts, saying that the phone will ship within a week if one should complete their pre-order now. Exciting times for those waiting for the Essential Phone to drop.

This is Andy Rubin we’re talking about, so of course there is a bit of excitement for the Essential Phone. From its looks alone, this can probably rival Google’s upcoming Pixel phones and Apple’s new iPhone. The Essential Phone is so sleek and gorgeous that you can’t help admire it. Well, if you’re one of those who made an early reservation – the right time to complete your order is now.

Essential has sent out emails for those who declared their interest for the new Essential Phone via reservation. The email says that if you complete the payment for the reservation, the Essential Phone will ship within 7 days.

The Essential Phone is priced at USD$699, right around the flagship phone price range. And for what you’re getting, we’re not surprised that it is priced this way. Are you planning to get an Essential Phone?


  1. Completed my order 2 mins after receiving the email at 1:41am last night lol, amped to get it soon! My 6P’s battery is really struggling nowadays…dies at 34% every time now >_<


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