There are some guys who really want to get the best out of their hardware – that’s probably how we’re going to describe the guys at XDA developers forum who now present the DN4 (Ditto Note 4) ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note II. As the name implies, the ROM brings Galaxy Note 4 features to your venerable Galaxy Note II.

The developer team has seen it fit to bring features like the Note 4’s Ultra Power Saving Mode, Note 4 Air Commands, multi-window capabilities, a majority of the Note 4’s special pen actions like direct pen input, resizing windows from corners, Smart Select and many more.

The ROM is majorly based on the TouchWiz 4.4.4 of the Korean Galaxy S3, with features ported from the Galaxy Note 4. The instructions on flashing your Galaxy Note 2 to this new ROM is a bit complicated, so make sure you have the stomach for it. The process requires root access, the latest custom recovery version, and the Samsung 4.3 bootloader or better. For complete instructions, check out the source link.


It is teams like this that make the Android community that much better than most mobile software communities out there – the sheer audacity and brilliance to bring new features to older hardware is just crazy. Go on to the source link if you need more information about this ROM.