Crytek, makers of hit titles such as Far Cry and Crysis, will once again be taking a stab at the Android gaming market. But instead of a physics-based puzzle game, The Collectibles goes back to the company’s combat roots, albeit with a change in perspective.

Crytek is working with DeNA to bring the latter’s Mobage mobile gaming platform and the popular CryEngine together for an action-packed strategy game. Although Crytek released an Android game, also powered by CryEngine, last year, Fibble was pretty much a far cry from the company’s usual game genre, which mostly revolves around rather violent combat.

The Collectibles still manages to stray a bit from Crytek’s comfort zone by employing an isometric third-person point of view instead of the usual first-person perspective. Considering that it is a strategy game to be played on a mobile device, such an change feels reasonable. Players take charge of a squad of soldiers fighting their way through war-torn maps. Other than that very basic premise, Crytek hasn’t been forthcoming with details. The company does provide some rather nice-looking screenshots and a trailer video, which you can watch below.

Considering the game will be using the CryEngine game engine, expect some rather hardcore graphics and effects, which will probably push devices to their hardware limits. No exact launch date has been given yet but it should be out by next year. Best of all, it is promised to be free-to-play.

VIA: DroidGamers