Sharp continues to put out devices that challenge the usual design of smartphones, especially with this new bezel-less Sharp Aquos S2. It’s not actually devoid of bezel, there’s one at the bottom of the screen where the fingerprint sensor is. But all around the screen, it’s edge-to-edge goodness. So it’s nice to see a teardown to look inside this gorgeous device and see how Sharp made this device.

The first teardown of the Sharp Aquos S2 is from China, and it makes sense because this device has been made available to the Chinese market. Sharp, being a Japanese manufacturer, has usually been isolated to the Japanese market, but that changed when Foxconn acquired Sharp’s smartphone business. The website is called “ZOL”, and they did a pretty through teardown.

Since there are no snap-ons on this device, you will have to utilize heat to loosen the adhesive of the backplate. Once you’ve heated it up, suction cups and plastic wedges should allow you entry. From there, it will be as easy as taking out the screws to get to the main parts. But you will have to dismantle a lot of elements for you to get to the screen.

Once you’ve dismantled the main board and connected elements, you will see the screen. And this teardown confirms that yes, there is that weird diagonal cut on the display on the top corners. Check out the images via the source link if you need more detail.