There’s a wristwatch company out there that’s got a name you might well be rather familiar with, the ring of which might lead you to believe that you’ll be making some telephone calls on it soon. It’s the Android USA watch company, and though they do not offer the ability to transfer files via Bluetooth, connection to the Android App Store, or apps of any kind, they do present a rather unique bit of detail in the end: ceramic. These watches, made by a company in business since all the way back in 1991, creates a touch, lightweight, and scratch-resistant device that’s just lovely to look at when you simply want the time on your wrist.

Will the geek in you make the connection with the Zodiac killer? We hope so! Not because you’re going to murder a collection of ladies and gentlemen, but because every great brand-name word deserves a watch company of their own. What Android USA has created most recently is an awefully awesomely named watch, the Android Exotic Ceramic Skeleton. This watch looks every bit as high class as your $4,000 watches (though I’m sure you $4k watch wearers will have a moment’s disagreement,) and it’ll run you less than $500.

The watch you’re looking at above features a 46 mm ceramic case and bracelet, has TY2807 Automatic movement, and features Sapphire crystal, as well as WR: 100 m. This watch will run you just MSRP $375 direct from the Android USA website with both the face and the band, or you could get the band itself for just $150 USD right this second.

Other models include the Ninja Throwing Star, shown here:

The Antiforce Multifunction, shown here:

And the Trans 50 Mechanical Skeleton, shown here:

All these amongst about 30 other models. The coolest one? The Alien, shown below. This is just about the most disturbing watch I’ve ever seen. What do you think?

[via Wrist Watch Review]