Android’s May 2018 security patch is here, which should mean that manufacturers should be rolling out updates. Then again, manufacturers and OEMs are not created equal, so we can only pray that the manufacturer for your smartphone rolls these patches out soon. And mind you, these aren’t the “sexy” kind of updates with new features and stuff, but these are still important to keep your phone protected from malware and hackers.

There is no highlighted bug per se that is patched in this month’s Android Security Bulletin, and that should be good news in the sense that it seems quite peaceful in the Android world that no major bug is being patched. Included in this patch is the standard mix of fixes for the upstream Linux kernel and various hardware vendors like Qualcomm and NVIDIA.

Up until now, Android development teams are still securing the Android framework and Media framework, a process that begun with the Stagefright bug and feels like it won’t end anytime soon. The updates specific for Pixel and Nexus phones are still rolling out with the general Android patch, listing fixes for relatively the same bugs and one to address a charging issue in the original Pixel XL.

You can wait for the OTA updates to roll out if you have Pixel or Nexus phones – these should be coming pretty shortly. Or you could always do it the manual way – check out the links below for the download and instruction links.

SOURCE: Android Security Bulletin | Pixel Updates