Without Beats, HTC customers were still looking for great sound from their smartphones. Though Beats had a proprietary algorithm that made music pop, HTC now has BoomSound. Coupled with front facing speakers and HTC’s engineering, BoomSounds is a nice feature for their One handsets. With their upcoming One refresh, HTC is teasing a new BoomSound as well.

Via YouTube, HTC gives a comical (read: embarrassing) explanation of what BoomSound is. Geeky engineer guy gives the hard facts, while possible-daytime-talk-show-host guy provides the laypersons explanation. There isn’t much new to take notice of, save for the ending.

Bringing out “The All New HTC One”, Geeky engineer guy holds a pixelated version of the new handset. Censored, of course, he attempts to tell us how the new flagship will be different when it comes to BoomSound. From the sound of it (pun intended), BoomSound will get a lot… boomier?

Expect a slew of these videos leading up to the launch of “The All New HTC One”, covering topics like Zoe or Blinkfeed. As they should, HTC has likely upped the ante on all their features, so expect to be trolled handily until the device comes out. The title itself, “Technical Translations #1” kind of gives it away. One thing you should not expect is for us here at Android Community to actually hack out “The All New HTC One” each time we discuss the device. That name is just terrible. Sorry, HTC.