Another Indiegogo campaign is getting ready to come to a close. This latest is for ‘The Air Dock’ which is a product being touted as “the worlds best smartphone car charger and dock.” The campaign still has a little more than a week before it closes, but the good news is in regards to the funding. The Air Dock has reached, and also doubled the original goal amount.

Putting the financial aspect to the side for a moment, and taking a look at the details of the dock itself. The Air Dock doesn’t have any clips or clamps, which means it will work with a variety of devices provided the are Qi wireless compatible. Otherwise, the face of the dock has a micro suction foam layer, as well as internal magnets to hold the phone in place.


While this will likely vary based on personal experience, the Indiegogo page does make mention of using this dock with a case.

“We have had great success charging all phones through a case, as long as the case is not overly thick. Normal plastic cases, whether soft or hard work just fine, as long as they are glossy.”

The dock ships with a suction cup mount, micro USB cable, and 2 amp plug to get some power from your car. As The Air Dock has already reached their required level of funding — the early bird options are all claimed. At this time there is a $63 (plus shipping) option available and that is expected to ship in May 2014, as part of the second production run.

Along with the $63 option which includes one Air Dock, there is also several higher levels offering multiple docks. There is also an option to pay an additional $20 to get the necessary hardware kit for Samsung Galaxy device compatibility. With that, the campaign will come to a close on February 27, 2014.

SOURCE: Indiegogo