The Signal Private Messenger was first launched on the App Store, capturing the hearts of even those who were previously content with iMessage as their main instant messaging app. Developer Open Whisper Systems recently launched the Signal app for Android, aiming to allow integration of private calling and private messaging on one device. This app brings together the features and benefits of RedPhone and TextSecure in one app.

TextSecure, the code from the same titled app, that was used by WhatsApp last year to ensure privacy and security, will soon receive an update and will be known as Signal. Checking out TextSecure on Google Play Store, you will be redirected automatically to Signal. If you previously have TextSecure on your phone, the update will bring not just new features but also a new name.

Signal users will now be allowed to receive and make private calls with other users who use Signal. It’s the same with RedPhone as users will be redirected to Signal. You can still use RedPhone on its own but you won’t received any future update. It’s recommended that you just install Signal instead and remove RedPhone from your device.

So there won’t be RedPhone and TextSecure now. Signal will remain and with the recent updates, is now better than ever. Privacy is assured because several important features from the two apps have been integrated. End-to-end encryption is promised so nobody else can read your messages to your contact. Calls are safe and secure too because Signal makes sure they are private.

Open Whisper Systems maintains that the Signal Private Messenger’s code is open source and free for developers to work on. It’s available now on GitHub so feel free to download.

Download Signal Private Messenger from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Open Whisper Systems