One of the more popular SMS replacement apps out there is Textra SMS, despite their announcement of a crackdown on those downloading pirated versions of the app. The latest update to the app may not be a major one, but it’s still pretty important for those who are using 2 SIMS in their smartphone. That’s because you will now have dual-SIM support for both the SMS and MMS parts of the app, as well as a couple of minor improvements for the app.

In the changelog in the Textra SMS app, for version 3.23, it indicates that if your device is running on Android 5.1 Lollipop and above, then you will be able to have dual SIM support for SMS and MMS messages. Previously, you could only have one of your sim cards (the default one) to be used for the SMS replacement app. Another minor change is that when you tap a bubble or even outside the bubble if there’s a picture, you will see a small “i” icon and you will be able to get message details.

The previous update, version 3.22 which rolled out last June, had a lot more new features and improvements, including an Auto Night Mode to lessen the brightness when twilight comes around, bigger emojis, converting long SMS messages into MMS, plus other bug fixes and layout improvements. There are also bug fixes with this latest update.

You can check if your Textra SMS app already has the update ready for you by going to its Google Play page. If it’s not there yet, just wait a little longer.

SOURCE: Textra