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Android developers need all the help they can to make their apps better. Testing on local phones may be enough but one can’t avoid bugs and errors to appear on different devices. The key is to test any app project on many units as much as possible to see the issues that may occur.

testdroid cloud

To solve such problem, here comes Testdroid, a mobile app testing cloud-based program that helps developers to save in app development costs, speed up time to market the product, and reduce operational and unpredictable costs. Testdroid also aims to reduce risks with ProActive or Agile methods, as well as, improve brand reputation and app ratings.

Testdroid allows remote manual access to over 300 real devices running Android before an app is fully launched. The Android devices hosted at the Testdroid Cloud can be used to run an app to test if it’s working during interactive sessions. An app can also be preloaded to Testdroid’s Application Library were it can be installed to phone in session.

Debugging an app may be costly for some but with Testdroid, bug fixing time can be reduced to bring your app out of beta mode ASAP. Here’s how an app developer can get started on Testdroid:

1. Create an account on Testdroid.com or Testdroid Cloud.
2. Login to service, choose the ‘Interactive’ option found on the top left of the main menu.
3. Choose Fileset and then upload APK to the system.
4. Choose device you want to test the app on. You can filter or search for a device depending on the specifications you want which includes memory size, Android OS version, or screen resolution.
5. A mockup screen of the selected device will then appear.
6. The buttons on the left menu will allow the developer to interact with the device (change volume, turn on/off, or rotate the device). Changing the fileset, restarting session, or switching to another Android device can be done by choosing options on the top menu.

This Remote Manual Access will be useful to test automation and see how an app is running on a particular Android device. For all Android app developers, it seems that one of your many prayers have been answered by the Testdroid. Happy testing!

SOURCE: Testdroid


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