Android for Work still has a long way to go but we don’t doubt the program will be considered as one of the standards in the enterprise. It is poised to work with different apps that are still being developed. The idea is to encourage more developers to create apps dedicated for the workplace and businesses that will make things easier not only for the employers but also for the employees. Such apps can then make the jobs of the IT team to be less complicated because everything already has an app.

If you’re building an app for a company or workplace, it is important that you exhaust all efforts in checking if the app will work or not. Make sure that the app features a simple, understandable, and easy navigation. The user interface must be clean, only featuring the necessary items. You can get all the human testers you want but make sure they know how to use the app. If you don’t have enough resources yet, you can just use the ‘Test DPC’ app that lets you test apps with any Android for Work feature. This tool can be useful when you want to manage work apps on devices, as well as, the security policies available.

With the Test DPC app, you can set account to either be a profile owner or a device that will test all possible Android for Work scenarios. As Device Owner, you can be representing an enterprise business and you need to manage each device before giving them to an employee. A Device Owner may also be a business owner who wants to use the devices for other special purposes like as a restaurant menu or mall directory.

This app somehow takes the jobs of IT administrators because Test DPC will employ any test an admin may use. Within the app, you are free to set up work profiles, establish app and intent restrictions, and enforce important policies. Feel free to also set up fully managed Android devices with Test DPC. Device must run at least Android 5.0 Lollipop.

A Test DPC User Guide is available on Git Hub. If you’re an app developer, read the Android for Work Application Developer Guide for tips on how to optimize app for Android for Work.

Download Test DPC from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Android Developers Blog