Bluetooth headphones are not the revolution we hoped they’d be way back in the early 2000s. Partly that’s because the A2DP streaming protocol only has so much bandwidth, but mostly it’s because the vast majority of Bluetooth headphones cost much more than most people are willing to spend. Fortunately, the last few years have seen some improvement on that, culminating in a new set of DJ-style over-the-ear cans from small accessory maker Tenqa. The “REMXD” Bluetooth Headphones come in at a wallet-friendly $39, and are scheduled to launch  in early February.

The standard A2DP features are present, including integrated playback and volume controls. A microphone is hidden away somewhere inside the plastic casing, so you won’t have to remove the headphones to make or receive calls. A USB cable (hopefully with a standard MiniUSB or MocroUSB port) provides charging, and thanks to the large cups it should last for quite a while. Tenqa’s website claims that the REMXD headphones will go for 22.5 hours of talk time and 280 hours of standby on a 3.4 hour charge – that should mean about 15 hours of music-only streaming.

And the best part? You can plug in a standard headphone cord for good old-fashioned analog listening. This solves a lot of problems all at once: if you should forget your charger on a long trip, you can still connect to your Android phone or tablet; if you want to connect quickly to a non-Bluetooth device or just don’t want to mess with pairing, you can; if you’re in the mood for a more hi-fi experience, the wired connection provides higher-quality sound from the same set of headphones. The Tenqa REMXD Bluetooth Headphones should be arriving at retailers in the next few weeks.