Just when we thought that Imangi Studios is done with the Temple Run franchise, here is Scopely releasing a new Temple Run-themed game. It’s not another endless runner game but a new puzzle challenge that lets you discover the ancient temple’s mysteries. You’re in a journey to search for the golden idol. Guy Dangerous, Barry Bones, and Scarlett Fox are still ready for more adventures but this time, they will do a lot of collecting and customizing new treasures.

Game is easy. With less running, just match three elements, unlock new questions, and get more boosters. Your main goal is still the same though: to defeat the Demon Monkeys. Eyes on the prize too which is the golden idol. You will need some help so wait to be upgraded and customized.

As a treasure hunter, you can receive new outfits and exclusive power-ups among others. The temple worlds include the Blazing Sands, Frozen Shadows, and Hidden Grove. Explore them all and be amazed with the game’s design and the stunning background music.

There are about a hundred of match 3 levels. They can be addicting but we assure you, you won’t get tired. Temple Run’s Treasure Hunters certainly captures minds of avid Temple Run players. It may not be as exhilarating or breathtaking as the original endless runner challenge but the puzzle will make you think and work for speed.

Game is free to download and play but in-app purchases are available.

Download Temple Run: Treasure Hunters from the Google Play Store