The folks from Imangi Studios, the developer team behind the hit Android game Temple Run has just announced this addicting game has passed the 100 million downloads mark. That’s a big number! In a rather detailed press release and awesome info-graphic (below) they break down how more than 32 million downloads for Android helped them break the 100m milestone.

When Temple Run first launched it was an instant classic, topping the charts and becoming the #1 game on iOS. When it launched on Android a similar situation happened with it getting millions and millions of download literally overnight. We’ve been huge fans of Temple Run and have followed their entire Android journey since the initial announcement, delays and all.

Having nearly an 8 month lead on Android, the iOS version has racked up way more downloads. Imangi listed iOS at 68 million downloads with Android coming in with over 32 million. Then they use an awesome info-graphic for even more stats. Like the fact that 13% of the US population has downloaded the infinite running game, and over 10 billion “gaming sessions” have been played. Add all that up and it’s been played 54,000 years worth of time.

This information isn’t all that important but it still extremely fun and exciting to see. Such a small developer can break out into the mainstream and have HUGE success is worth talking about. With over 100 million downloads this is certainly a success story. To celebrate, all of Imangi Studio games before Temple Run (iOS only) are currently on sale for free. If you haven’t tried Temple Run yet for Android we recommend you do so. 100 million people can’t be wrong. Get it now from the Google Play Store.


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