While Google still hasn’t confirmed if they will be indeed launching two Pixel phones, codenamed Marlin and Starfish, some people are treating it as a foregone conclusion. And if you live in Australia, rumors are also flying around that one of these Pixel devices will be carried exclusively by carrier Telstra, aside from it being available on the Google Store of course. The devices are expected to be announced and available for pre-order by October 4 so we have a month or so to speculate.

The two Google Pixel devices are rumored to come in two sizes, 5” and a slightly bigger 5.5”. Telstra is rumored to offer the bigger one of the two, the XL or the one codenamed Marlin, to their subscribers, and other Australian carriers like Optus or Vodaphone will not be able to do so. But if you would prefer to buy it outright, without being contracted to any carrier, it will also be offered at the Google Store. Supposedly. Things are still pretty much in the air right now in terms of confirmation so we don’t really know.

But if Telstra will indeed be the exclusive carrier for this one, insiders are saying they plan to treat this as an iPhone level kind of launch, in terms of marketing and creating hype for Android lovers, or even those wanting to make the switch over to our side of the fence. But of course, if that’s the case, then it will also probably be more expensive and may fall under the $95 per month plan.

The rumored announcement of the Pixel devices is October 4, but it will only be available for pre-orders. The actual devices are expected to hit the market a few weeks later, by October 20th. Let’s see in the next few weeks how close we are to the truth when it comes to the Google Pixel devices at least.

VIA: AusDroid