Australians will soon receive the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones as Telstra Australia began to take pre-orders. Actually, one lucky customer already received his Pixel early this week and gladly showed it off over on Reddit. A certain ‘wooparse’ posted a photo of his Pixel phone and was game enough to answer questions from netizens. He was happy with the Pixel’s early arrival in the country but saw the challenge of having no protective phone case to buy.

This redditor was one of the first batch to receive a Google-branded phone so he doesn’t know much about the unit. He asked how to activate the full photo resolution storage for future use and shared whatever he sees on the Pixel.

So far, the new Pixel owner shared there’s an ambient display when a new notification is available or receive. The new Google Assistant starts when you say “Ok Google”. Buttons and navigations are smooth. Boot animation shows colored balls jumping over each other. The phone doesn’t seem to feature any carrier bloatware.

When it comes to imaging, the Pixel camera can perform a 0.6-second long exposure with the shutter and FV5. Phone comes with standard earphones and some pre-installed apps. He also noted that encryption is turned on by default. The Pixel also features a magnetic back plus features Maps and Compass that are said to be accurate especially since it uses Google Maps.

VIA: Reddit