If you’re a Minecraft fan (statistics will say at least some of you are) and you appreciate the products that Telltale Games has been putting out as a studio (stats will say most of you are), then some of you will at least be ecstatic that the 5th edition of Minecraft: Story Mode is out, and it’s called “Order Up!”.

This episode is supposed to bridge the Wither Storm story arc that just ended with episode 4 to the three new adventures coming this year. Episode 5 will have lots of content pertaining to what will happen in episodes 6 to 9 – and if the trailer below is anything to go by, it will still be lots of fun to play.

Minecraft: Story Mode is a game done in Telltale’s now-recognizable patterns – a lot of fun to play, easy to get into, and great scriptwriting that incorporates geek comedy and just plain fun. If you’ve enjoyed the first 4 episodes, you’ll have to continue playing and get this new one as well.


As a bonus, Mojang will also be releasing a Minecraft: Story Mode skin pack on Minecraft: Pocket Edition so gamers can use the skins featured in Story Mode on their own little adventures as well. Grab the new episode via in-app purchase if you have the original app installed. If not, pick it up at the link below.

SOURCE: Telltale Games
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store