The popular third party location-based navigation and provider TeleNav has just unveiled the full details on their new HTML 5 powered and web-based navigation service. No longer will users need to download an app, or leave the app they are in for turn-by-turn navigation and directions. With Scout for Apps by TeleNav developers can add simple voice-guided navigation services directly into any application, or web site.

TeleNav launched Scout.Me for iOS earlier in the year, and detailed their HTML 5 services back in December, but are going to take things to an entirely new level in the coming months. What they’ve designed is the worlds first web-based HTML 5 powered navigation system that can easily be accessed and used by developers of both web sites, and smartphone apps. Using a single line of code a developer for a shopping app for Android can add TeleNav’s renowned turn-by-turn and voice-guided navigation to their application.

Instead of users having to leave their current application and open a navigation app, or Google Maps, or something else to consume battery instead Scout for Apps by TeleNav will be integrated right into the application. Instead of leaving the app you just get a web-based popup for navigation or directions, and it closes once you’re done — leaving the end user in the exact same place and application as before they started.

Not only is that easy, fast, convenient, and will help save battery but this will be completely free for the end users. Developers can now integrate free directions and navigation options into their applications to make them better than the competition, and offer more features. This is ideal for social, travel and shopping apps, or any other app or website that includes points of interest, places or addresses.

If you are a developer and want to add something this awesome to your application or website you’ll want to look into Scout.Me and Scout for Apps by TeleNav. I can’t wait to see this feature get integrated into Android games and applications. We can expect to see it arrive later this year and developers can learn more at and get started today.