Most of the messaging and photo sharing apps in the market have to admit that the goal now is to become as fun and as viral as Snapchat. You see that most of the updates to these kinds of apps involve features that make it more like Snapchat or has features that was previously introduced by it. The latest messaging app to join that trend is Telegram, with the update to their Photo Editor bringing masks, personalized GIFs, trending stickers, etc.

The photo editing tool to the messaging app was introduced last year and it let you fix your photos first before sending them to your contacts. But now it brings it up to another level with its “version 2.0” as it lets you do the fun stuff. First off, you can now add masks to your photos. Just choose which one you like and it will be automatically positioned through the mask meta-data. There are already hundreds of created masks, but you can always add something you created since it’s an open platform. You can upload your own creation by using the /newmasks command.


You can also now create your own GIFs to add to the extensive collection on the app. Simply record a video using the Telegram app and then click the mute button so it can be shared as a loop autoplayed GIF. These are saved in your GIFs section so you can pull it up anytime you want to react to something. Telegram also now has a trending stickers tab so you can find out and choose from the ones that a lot of people on the app are using.



You can update the Telegram app from its Google Play page. The team also says to expect more updates from them especially now that summer is over.

SOURCE: Telegram