Every time Telegram releases a new update to its main app (and Telegram X for that matter), users get pretty excited as it’s almost always feature packed. The latest one has new ways of making it easier to add new contacts and also a location-based way to start new chats with people around you. You also get enhanced notification exceptions and the ability to transfer admin responsibilities of a group chat to another user. So if you’re a heavy Telegram user or you want to be a new one, read on.

If someone messages you on Telegram and they’re not in your contacts list, you can easily add them through the Add to Contacts button. But if you actually don’t know that person, the Block button is there too and just as easily accessible. You can now also add people nearby if you’re somewhere where you need to exchange contact information with a new person you just met. Just go to Contacts and you’ll see the add people nearby option.

You can also now see which public groups are near you through the, well, Groups Nearby feature. You can see the location-based group chats available in your area or you can also create a local group in case you want to have a group chat with neighbors. It can also be used in conferences, festivals, stadiums, campuses, cafes, etc.

There are also other features in the latest update aside from adding new people to chat with. You can now transfer ownership of a group chat that you started or you’re an administrator of but you now want to give up the reins to. You can also now toggle message previews for specific chats that you want to use notification exceptions on.

Update your Telegram app to the latest version to enjoy these new features. And if you want to experience even more experimental things and an alternative interface, sign up for Telegram X.