Users of messaging app Telegram heads up! The latest update to the app is rolling out and it comes with several new goodies to make your messaging experience better, if you care about letting other people know where you are, listening to music shared to you on a good player, and also translating your messages into another language. You will now be able to share your location with whomever you want. You will also get a better media player in case you share mp3s over the app. And if you speak French, Indonesian, Malay, Russian, and Ukrainian, then Telegram got better for you.

When you’re in a group chat and you’re all trying to meet up at a specific place, wouldn’t it be nice to see where everyone is all at once? That’s one of the ways you can use the new location-sharing feature of Telegram. When all or some of you share your Live Location, you’ll get an interactive map of everyone’s coordinates. But you can also just share it with one person of course. And it’s easy to see who you’re sharing it with and to stop sharing when you don’t want to anymore.

The in-app audio player has also been redesigned so that the audio files you receive over the app can sound much better now if you choose to play it from there. Just tap the play button after you’ve downloaded the file and you can even view the cover image as well as the playlist from your chat by tapping the title in the top bar.

Lastly, you now have five more languages through the translation platform of Telegram. It now supports 13 languages and the newest additions are French, Indonesian, Malay, Russian, and Ukrainian. Persian is also coming soon. You also get better group chats as the admins get a badge to distinguish them and admins can also now let new members read the earlier message history.

SOURCE: Telegram