It’s time for your regular Telegram update! And if you’re still not using this messaging app, you may be missing out on one of the best ones out there. Every update brings a lot of new features and improvements, and this one’s no different. You get a new look for your Android app, an easy way to archive chats that are not active, bulk actions on your chat list, better sharing and forwarding, plus tons of other features that should make using and managing the app easier.

The Telegram for Android app has gotten a slicker design including a new icon and a new look for every menu within it. But aside from the cosmetic changes, there are also functional changes. For example, when you select messages in a chat, you get a quick forwarding button at the lower right part of the screen which makes it easier for your thumb to reach and forward to whoever you want to send the message to.

If you have a lot of chats on your Telegram, it can be hard to keep track of all of them. So why don’t you clean up your list by archiving the ones that are inactive or the ones that you’ve muted for one reason or another? Just swipe left on the chat to archive it but when you get a notification, it will go back to your chat list, unless it’s muted. You can also pin chats in the archive for easier organization.

You can now also do bulk actions for your chat list. Long tap on one of the chats and it will open a menu to select multiple chats. You can then choose to pin, mute, archive, or delete all of the messages that you’ve checked. You can also now choose to see three lines in the chat preview instead of the usual two with the expanded chat list feature. And if you love sharing messages (the public ones of course), the sharing menu has now been streamlined and you can include emojis in the comment field.

Forwarding messages has also been improved. If you want to make sure you’re forwarding the right message and to the right person or group, tap on the message snippet before tapping forward. You can also now copy links to messages even in private conversations to point to a particular conversation you want to highlight. But of course, since it’s private, it will only work and be seen by members of that conversation. Update Telegram now to enjoy all of these new things.